Get profit from Instagram
Worlds first Instagram Direct messaging service
How it looks like
Benefits of Instagram Direct Mass Messaging
People pay attantion on personal messages
It is a fact that people are tired of advertising. Most of the them ignore advertising bacause of "Banner blindness"
It is cannot be missed
Customer gets push-notification first and it is hardly to fail to notice!
Highly targeted audience
We will find the audience who get messages first filtering them on different criteria such as location. interests etc
Instagram is perfect for
Beauty salons
Fitness centeres and gyms
E-shops and offline stores
MLM companies
Cafes and restaraunts
Courses and trainings!
Event management companies
Dropshipping stores
And much more!
How we can find your customers
We ll find subscribers of your competitors
We will parse all needed hashtags
Most involved people
We find people who likes and comment your posts
We find people from your town and even from your street!
$60/0.012 per one
  • 5000 messages
  • Audience parsing
  • Report
$80/0.08 per one
  • 5000 messages
  • Audience parsing
  • Report
  • Creating your incredible offer
$200/0.06 per one
  • 30 000 messages
  • Audience parsing
  • Report
  • bonus: mass story viewing
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